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Sedky thought the company developed in the field of construction and reconstruction of renewable and experience in the provision of architectural masterpieces are pleased to offer our gift to our valued customers in the finest and oldest areas of Alexandria and her heart Aseel so proud to offer this project is very sophistication and originality.

General location:
The project area is located on the tram Rushdie interface directly on the street in front of Ahmed Shawky Building Damas.
Characteristics of the project:
The project is located waterfront and in the area of the finest areas in Alexandria One of the main features of the project show the street overlooking the attic project introduced 40 m almost The project has close proximity to all services and commercial markets and incidence in the area of the middle of Alexandria, which allows go easily to anywhere in Alexandria easily through the Corniche Street or Abu Qir.

General Specifications for the project :

The project is located in the region of one of the finest areas in Alexandria Therefore shall the company and its history in the field of real estate investment that provides the highest standards , namely:
. Architectural character of the distinctive perspectives
. Use the highest standards in the implementation , taking into account the highest level of quality
Exterior openings for access interfaces of sectors soundproof , heat and dust . PVC
. Use of high quality materials to take into account the marine destination of the project and not to influence weather factors
. Royal hotel entrance and the area is very large and has the latest technology
. Garage full of flat , providing places for all units
. Exterior doors of the entrance and all the illuminations are controlled thermal and photovoltaic cells
. Electricity generator muffler for entrances and garage and Alosancir point within each unit
. Communications network separate project internally and externally
. Per unit wifi Internet
. Secretarial Office full entrance in addition to a reception area and waiting for guests
. Water pumping station for the project
. Office maintenance full 24 hours ( Plumber – Carpenter – electric ) Lifetime

Interior finishing :
Rispshin parquet flooring of beech

Bedroom flooring of wood Sweden –
Floors, walkways and terraces made of porcelain –
Floors and walls for bathrooms and kitchens Ceramic Kiaopatra first sort –
Bathroom sets and mixers Ideal Ostandard –

Stainless kitchen sinks –
Links to washers ( clothes and dishes ), bath and kitchen –
The door of the unit outside of beech wood or Arrow and wood interior doors greased Oster Sweden – links and air- Rsbashn Bedrooms
– Plastic wall paint or oil of the finest quality and the Bishop of plastic and cornice ceilings and fully by all the client ‘s taste
– The highest level of equipment and design and elaborately connections telephone and shower Central and exits of the Internet and distributed power and air-conditioning all rooms and reception


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