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The project is located in the heart Alexandria area of Camp Shizar more areas of Alexandria vitality and nobility as it is located in the street Ismail Fangary vertical on the sea and Port Said Street and that’s where the area of Camp Shizar within the Middle District of Alexandria , located between the Abrahamic and Chatby , overlooking also on the Corniche in Alexandria .. Meaning in French camp de cesar Cesar concerned Czar , and any Camp camp .. Naming the region dating back to the year 48 BC. AD , when he attended the Roman commander Julius Caesar to Alexandria to decode the dispute between Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy small to rule Egypt , and established a special camp for him and his forces outside the borders of Alexandria in this area .. Therefore, the area was named Camp Caesar .. In the early twentieth century, the area was famous Camp Shizar the presence of foreign communities , especially the Greek resident in Alexandria , the most famous places there Noor Islam Mosque and the Church of Saint Takla .

General location:

The project is located Fangary Street Ismail (second row north) from the tram area of Camp Shizar in downtown Alexandria

Site features:

The site presence in the area of one of the finest and oldest areas in the province of Alexandria and the region closer to enjoying all the vital areas in Alexandria (Alexandria University – Carrefour – the desert road – Corniche)

The project is located in the street Ismail Fangary a street width of 20 m and is characterized by the project west facade and entrance Dhm freely on the main street.

General Specifications for the project:
Garage full surface
Grand entrance from the finest marble
Number 2 elevator Italian importer capacity 6 members
All points of electricity entrance and stairs are lit cell thermal
The security guards and maintenance 24 hours
Intercom per unit shower Central
Possibility of Central Air Conditioning special per unit

Interior finishing:
Interior and exterior doors of the finest types of wood and latest designs
Exterior openings of the units of the strongest sectors (pvc) inhibitor for sound and dust, with architectural design suitable for faced.
Reception Floor of porcelain.
Bedroom floors of the finest ceramic.
Floors and walls of bathrooms and kitchens of the finest ceramic and restaurant Balostalo Althblohat.
Crews Duravit bathrooms and Hand Blenders Mix.
All electric wires conform to the specifications and the keys Bchino.
Risbashn cornice ceilings and roofs of rooms wicker.
Paints a complete unit.

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