Magic Tower

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Located Tower Magic Tower directly on the street Mostafa Kamel width 75 m, which is considered one of the most important of the main arteries into the city of Alexandria Through it can reach the most important and most areas of the city of Alexandria Kstreet sword and 45th Street and the Avenue Gamal Abdel Nasser and passing through the street Khalid Bin Al Waleed and down the Corniche Road from the direction of as well as Galaa Street and passing through liberty Street, then turnout to the Corniche Road from the direction of another.

General Specifications for the project:

– Confronted Classic Cars Luxury Ajwad types of paints, windows and balconies of the finest types of carpentry and Draoy terraces of Alkolstra with distinctive designs.

– The entrance of a unique design where the entrance floors, stairs, walls of marble and the finest designs distinctive and upscale, and also mirrors and glass entrance door of Alsekorit

– Two (2) Elevator role of the best global brands

– Contains the tower on the role of the garage allows the existence of a car per dwelling unit

Ground floor shops of varying sizes allows for all commercial activities

Administrative role (mezzanine) allows for all administrative activities.

Contains frequent roles residential apartment on each floor and five residential units of various sizes ranging from 100 140 m 2

Finishing Homeland :

(Unfinished) includes door apartment of wood Sweden luxurious + establishing electricity cans + pipes + throats shavings + entrance exchange and feeding + whites conch

The rest of a specific number of housing units.

Buildings Designs

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